Deals, Deals, Deals!
At Petro-Mart, we appreciate your business and know you value your hard–earned money.


To that end, we have values and discounts that make visiting our store both rewarding and value-added. Our single item purchases are always priced fairly, and our “Buy 2” offers provide even greater value.

We cover every corner
If your looking for variety, check out our wide assortment of Craft beers. We have beers from around the corner, and around the world.


Not sure which one you like, well pick up two 6-packs for only 7.99 each and choose which is your favorite.

Quench Your Thirst
We offer a wide  variety of ice cold fountain beverages and at great value.


Get a Large for just .99  cents all summer long. Or, for those long road trips, get the Giant 60 ounce cup and stay cool for miles.


Don’t forget the Car Snacks!

Local Partnerships
We know your neighbors! Heck, we may even be neighbors, and we value being a locally owned business.


We work with best local companies, large and small, to keep our local economy flourishing.

Party On!
Looking for party items, come on down.


Our stores have everything you need from soda, beer, wine,
liquor, ice, and snacks.

We go to great lengths to ensure our store associates are responsible in the handling and selling of Age Restricted items. We card aggressively and want customers to know that we care.


Valid ID required for Age Restricted purchases